Payoneer Unbiased Review + A Special $50 Sign UP Bonus Deal For New Registrations!


Have you ever worked online and made money?

There are countless ways you can go through to make money online right while just sitting at home in front of a screen.

Money you have earned online needs to be then withdrawn from those companies in which you have worked and earned money and therefore I'm going to share with you an unbiased Payoneer Review & a Special $50 Payonee Sign UP Bonus to register with Payoneer & get up to $50 registration bonus upon registering and opening an account & receiving payments from global marketplaces.

Payoneer Review: Pros & Cons of Payoneer

Payoneer has been my all time #1 platform that I use to send & receive payments from international marketplaces like Amazon,,, TimeDoctor, UpWork and many thousands of others.

Here let me talk about some of the Payoneer Pros & Cons.

So let us dive into the PROs first.

Payoneer PROs:

1. Quick Way to Receive Payments

Payoneer is the best, quickest, safest & cheap & affordable way to receive payments from companies such as Ad Networks, Affiliate Networks, Freelance Sites & other international marketplaces & clients.

2. Quick Way to Send Payments

Apart from Receiving payments, Payoneer also helps you send payments to other clients, make payments to companies, pay your bills & also pay your VAT (Value Added Tax).

3. Low Fees

Did you know that each time you receive payments from companies, withdraw your money or send payments, you will be charged for every transaction of a high fee? But Payoneer does charge you fee on every transaction but it's quite affordable and also their fee is very competitive.

4. Local Bank Withdrawal

Payoneer lets you easily add your local bank account to your Payoneer account and thus lets you easily withdraw your Payoneer balance to your Bank Account in the respected currency.

5. Make Online Shopping

If you wanted a bank account that helps you facilitate your online shopping and helps you pay your shopping invoices then Payoneer is the best solution because you can have shopping online and pay your invoices using Payoneer.

6. ATM Withdrawal

Payoneer is also very helpful when it comes to withdrawing your money at any time across the world via an ATM. Whether you have a shortage of money or you want to make online or offline shopping through your Payoneer Card, you can easily pick out your Card and either withdraw your Payoneer balance through an ATM or make online or in store purchases.

Payoneer CONs:

We shared with you some Payoneer PROs above and here I want to share with you some CONs so you know them before you go & Sign UP For Payoneer.

1. No Good Support

Payoneer does not offer an enough support or we can call it their Support is not worth rating. They offer many ways to contact with them such as Live Chat, Forum Support/Discussion or Email option but all of them takes take to reach out to the Payoneer Customer Care and get direct help.

2. Fee on Every Transaction

Did you know that each time you send or receive payments, you will be charged fee for those transactions? Yup, every time you will have to pay fee on sending & receiving payments.


I could share with those CONs, If you have that are worth-sharing here then your comment & contact would be much appreciated.


Why Sign UP For Payoneer Account?

If you are working online & making money with sites & marketplaces that pays you through Payoneer such as Fiverr, etc then you can use Payoneer Account to receive those payments effortlessly.

Also, if you're running an Amazon Business account and need to collect money from the customers then Payoneer has an option that lets you easily & quickly collect payments from your Amazon customers effortlessly.


Final Words:

Hope you found this article useful & amazing. Did I miss anything that is important to know before you Sign UP for Payoneer? just drop your query and I'll be there to reply you BACK!


Thanks :D